For The Love of Joyrides, Jaunts and JEANS

Blue Jeans Iconic History and DM

Denim has long been an iconic symbol of American culture. Today, on average, most Americans own around seven pairs, according to a study by Cotton Incorporated. Are blue jeans a timeless piece of clothing, an artifact of culture, a staple of fashion? They are all of these things and yet so much more.   There are books written about them, blogs devoted to them and ancient paintings depicting them. Over 400 million pairs of jeans are sold each year in the United States, ask anyone their timeline or history and most people will be confused. Denim’s beginnings were humble, rooted in the working class.   The opposite of designer wear, a pair of jeans was made for hard working laborers. Having secured their own spot on the runway, they are reinvented time and time again. Unlike anything else they spanned multiple categories, from very cheap and casual to the highest ends of luxury. Always changing,...

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