Rugged, technical, ambitious; call our jeans what you will but they aren’t your standard 5 pocket denim. For the truly fashion forward man, our denim aims to be unique while still remaining wearable, innovative but still functional.

Unorthodox seam lines and texturally surprising, Diego Milano will certainly make you rethink what you know about jeans.


Wildly feminine and fiercely creative, our womens denim combines a sense of nostalgia and confidence through intricate design and meticulous lines.

Both contour and proportions play a key role in the boldness of these jeans. Creating a silhouette that is as unique as you are.



Recently voted Phoenix New Times BEST OF PHOENIX 2015!

“Creating clothing that people want to wear is one thing. Creating that clothing ethically is a whole other. It costs more time, money, and energy — and Scottsdale denim brand Diego Milano is all about it.:

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